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the return of the arctic monkeys

if anyone reading this knows me, you know that i was ecstatic when i heard that the arctic monkeys were officially back from their five-year hiatus. so far, the only information fans have on the new music is a new logo and some festival tour dates set for later this spring and summer. all i know is that this means that new music is on its way very soon.

the first thing that concerned me was the logo. i’m not sure how i feel about the new font and design, especially because the logo design usually points to how the respective album is going to sound. the new font in the logo gives off robotic vibes, and its hard to tell if this was meant to be seen as a modern and electronic type of look or more so like a retro 80’s video game. the design is what really throws me off. it looks like a plateaued pyramid, but its color and shape reminds me of a 1920’s Gatsby-esque type look. I really don’t know what to make of these observations, but I can tell you that its pretty much a toss up over what to expect musically from the new look.

hopefully within the coming weeks we get some new information about release dates or tours. all i know is that i am very excited to see what the arctic monkeys have in store for us. i just hope i haven’t set my expectations too high!


written by: donna borges

featured photo from arcticmonkeys.com

logo photo from the arctic monkeys instagram

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