void by the neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood are a five piece band from Newbury Park, CA. I find their perception by the public a little bit odd. They’re incredibly successful but somehow still not very well known. Everyone knows their radio hit “Sweater Weather”, but many don’t realize that it’s The Neighbourhood’s song.

In their latest single, Void, vocalist Jesse Rutherford performs a moody ballad over an 80’s pop-esque synth track. It’s the type of song that makes you wanna cry, but in a cool edgy way.

I’m pleasantly surprised that I actually liked this song because if I’m being honest The Neighbourhood peaked with the mixtape and everything has been downhill since.

Void is the first official single from their upcoming self-titled album, which is set to be released on March 9th. It’s a little odd that they’re making their third album, not their first, self titled. It is a bold choice, but not an original one as bands like Sublime and Alice in Chains have already done this. The album will feature songs from previously released HARD & TO IMAGINE EPs.

written by: Allison Nakamoto

The Neighbourhood by the Neighbourhood Album Tracklist

Scary Love
You Get Me So High
Too Serious
Stuck With Me


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