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album review: cat heaven

Roy Blair’s debut album Cat Heaven is a journey through the transition between a carefree childhood and the realities of adulthood. He began his music career as Kevin Abstract’s backup singer on the album American Boyfriend. He also appears in the Brockhampton documentary series “American Boyband”, which follows the ups and downs of Kevin Abstract’s American Boyfriend tour and the creative processes of Brockhampton.

Many of the lyrics on Cat Heaven focus on the emotional struggles of his teen years, especially his relationship with death due to his mother’s illness. His fans are drawn to the meaning behind the album because it speaks truth to the reality of young adulthood and inner conflict.

Cat Heaven is a unique blend of pop, alternative rock, and hip hop. Roy combines rap-like verses with poppy and melodic choruses. “Grow Up” is the perfect introduction to the rest of the album combining pop vocals, relatable lyrics, and a catchy chorus. His song “Family” shows the raw side of his music and includes lyrics that shed light on the struggles he faced at home during his teen years. “Switchblade” brings the same level of angst but with more influence from rap and hip-hop styles. Overall, Roy’s work on Cat Heaven proves that he has great things ahead of him.

Take a listen for yourself here:

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