album review: blue madonna

Written by Kenna Miller

In January, Garrett Clark Borns, better known as his stage name BØRNS, released his third album titled Blue Madonna. Without having released any content for nearly three years, BØRNS definitely delivered for long time and new fans. The album is riddled with upbeat, hypnotizing tunes created by unique instruments like theramins and synthesizers. The single Faded Heart is reminiscent of his earlier albums and paints a fast-paced story that has you falling in love with the idea of love, while the second single Sweet Dreams is a dreamy pop song that is dreadfully truthful and uplifting.

BØRNS collaborated with Lana Del Rey on Blue Madonna and God Save Our Young Blood. The pair create a trancelike vibe in both of these songs and the electro-pop really ties their vocals together. BØRNS produces his famous 80s synth and vibe style on the tracks Man and I Don’t Want U Back. Overall, the album is more than enjoyable for old fans while also being tantalizing for new fans. BØRNS is currently on his Money Man Tour, and he also makes frequent appearances at Lana Del Rey’s LA to the Moon Tour shows. He recently performed at the Coachella Music and Art Festival in Indio, CA and is now touring across Europe.

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