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if you like rex orange county…

Alex O’Connor is the 20 year old, alternative singer-songwriter more commonly known as Rex Orange County. He uses components of jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and electronica paired with honest, conversational lyricism to create a distinctive sound that is recognizable in either of his two self-released albums, any of six his singles, or on the two tracks he’s featured in on Tyler, The Creator’s album Flower Boy.

If you haven’t heard “Best Friend,” “Sunflower,” or “Television / so Far so Good,” you are seriously missing out. Read no further. Abandon this list, go listen to Rex Orange County’s music for a couple of months, and then come back here to help you fulfill your craving for more stuff like it.

Ready? I’m still not sick of “Best Friend,” but here are six songs and artists to add to your rotation:

  1. Slow motion by Creature Habits
  2. Nothing in Return by Monsune
  3. Love Unfinished by Christian Leave
  4. Signal Dreams by Small Crush
  5. Chronic Sunshine by Cosmo Pyke
  6. Nice Boys by Temporex

Check out the full playlist here:

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