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ep review: headfirst

Sub-Radio, an alt-pop group based out of Washington D.C., released their EP titled Headfirst on April 18. The EP falls in line with the band’s sound, which is to say, the tracks are fast-paced, bouncy, and intensely catchy among other things. Lead vocalist Adam Bradley’s high vocal range perfectly complements the quick beats and lively instrumentals of these songs, making them perfect to dance to. While Adam needs to be credited for the fantastic vocals that make this band and this EP so unique, each song in Headfirst is so complex in the way the instruments come together to create such quick and upbeat songs. Drummer, Michael Pereira, and bassist, Barry Siford, provide the perfect rhythm for the each song’s rapid nature. The bouncy keys and guitar riffs that give each song it’s electric pop feel are due to the talent and skill of John Fengya, Matt Prodanovich, and Michael Chinen who all play guitar while John and Michael also play keyboard. Another fantastic part of this EP sound comes from the backup vocals that perfectly complement Adam’s incredible voice by elevating the high notes and emphasizing the most climactic moments during each song.

The fantastic music coming from this album is backed by lyrics that convey very real stories with jubilant and relatable imagery. From “What Are We” telling the story of someone’s uncertainty as to what to label their relationship to “Headfirst” which shows someone trying not to blow a date with someone they really like, these songs tell real, human stories that we are empathetic towards. The songs on Headfirst are filled with clever bits of writing and one of my favorite examples of that is in ‘What Are We” when Adam sings “We’ve been a cat inside a box. Are we living, dead, or lost?” I love little things like that, and they are all over this EP.

Headfirst is a must-listen for anyone craving great dance music or a jumpstart to their mood. It’s almost impossible not to dance or smile while listening to any fantastic song on this EP. Each track is so well-crafted which made it hard to pick any personal favorites but “Headfirst” and “What Are We” stand out the most to me and I have listened to each one countless times along with the rest of the EP. Headfirst is a fantastic EP and I can’t wait to hear what Sub-Radio comes out with next.

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