vista kicks: million dollar sellers

California’s own rock n roll indie group known as Vista Kicks are making headlines after the release of their newest singles from the soon to be released album titled Twenty Something Nightmare.  The tracks, “Million Dollar Seller Part 1 & 2” and “Numbers,” have caught the attention of Forbes and other publications, not only because they are great rock/funk songs, but because they were released into public domain.

Releasing the songs into public domain means that these tracks do not have a copyright and that they can be freely sampled by any artist. It also means that the group will not be able to benefit financially off of these songs. So, why would a group like Vista Kicks, who are rising in popularity, decide to release singles into public domain? “I think the world misses out on a lot of really awesome art that could’ve been made if artists weren’t in the circumstance of compromising their beliefs for money or for investment,” said Vista Kick’s lead vocalist, Derek Thomas to Forbes. “If we can release music to the public domain and still make a living, we’re on to something that’s bigger than what we’re doing for ourselves and the music we’re making.”

Due to streaming services and the lack of people buying physical copies of albums, it has become increasingly difficult for small bands to make profit from just releasing music. “Right now, we make most of our money from touring and merchandise. So we’re not giving away too much,” said Thomas. The band has also recently started a kickstarter campaign by creating exciting packages with merch and other fun rewards. The funds earned will go directly towards the marketing of the new album, the creation of new music, and music video production. This way, they are making money directly from fans and putting it right back into the music, rather than dealing with record labels and streaming service funds.

Vista Kicks’ unforgettable live performances and the rock and roll energy that they bring to every tour date is uncanny and just proves that their self proclaimed “booty shaking rock and roll” is artistically unique, making them stand out against the rest. Their music is categorized as alternative, often being described as the new california sound, although that does not fully capture the variety of influences that can be seen in their music. They often credit their inspiration and influences to classic 60s and 70s era artists, such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Bee Gees and The Rolling Stones.

The group is releasing their album Twenty Something Nightmare on July 13 through their own label, Little Hook Records. The album will consist of 18 raw and energetic tracks, all written and produced by the four members of the band. Derek Thomas (lead vocals), Sam Plecker (guitar), Trevor Sutton (bass), and Nolan Le Vine (drums) have been playing together since 2013 when they formed the band out of their hometown of Sacramento. Their debut album, Booty Shakers Ball, was released less than a year ago in September 2017, making Twenty Something Nightmare their sophomore album and the second album released within the span of year. Vista Kicks will be performing at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on June 27, and will also be back for the second leg of their tour at the El Rey Theater on September 20.

To donate to the Vista “Kick”starter and to help this band reach their goal by Friday, June 15, click here.

Listen to “Million Dollar Seller” here:

Featured photo courtesy of Glide Magazine.

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