ep review: diary 001

Written by Donna Borges

Bedroom pop princess Clairo rose in popularity after her webcam music video for “Pretty Girl” went viral. Since then, she has become a lo-fi icon and has recently released her first EP titled diary 001. The tracklist includes some of the singles that led her to fame, including “Pretty Girl”, “Flaming Hot Cheetos” and her newest single “4EVER”. The EP continues to combine chill lo-fi beats with Clairo’s dreamy vocals to create the perfect scene for her songwriting, which is often thoughtful and relatable, telling the stories of a girl in the digital age.

The first track off the EP, “Hello?” featuring Irish rapper Rejjie Snow, conveys the reality of meeting people online and what it’s like to be “one click away / from something real or fake”. “Flaming Hot Cheetos” consists of a repetitive beat and glimmering synth under Clairo’s soulful yet understated vocals. The simplicity of her vocals is part of what makes her music so popular. Something about her voice is captivating and seemingly effortless. “B.O.M.D.” carries a childlike excitement that comes with new romantic opportunity. The chirping synth and funky bassline seem to mimic the anxious yet electrifying feelings of young love. She also used the song’s acronym to come out as bisexual on twitter shortly after the release of the EP.

“4EVER” is perhaps the most diverse and musically deep song on the EP, with a groovy bassline, driving beat, and ethereal harmonies. Clairo has mastered the ability to make intricate musicality look extremely easy, as can be seen most clearly in “4EVER”. “Pretty Girl”, the single that kick started her career and led some to believe she would become a one-hit wonder, takes a stab at gender roles and what is generally expected of women in relationships. In this song, she takes on the role of a submissive woman who would “wear a skirt for you” and “shut up when you ask me to”, calling attention to how men tend to view and treat women. The final track on the EP, the demo “How”, has the same feel as “Pretty Girl”, with a simple beat and gleaming synths under her floating, dreamlike vocals. Overall, Clairo’s diary 001 has proven that she is nothing close to a one-hit wonder. Her unique approach to vocals and her ability to make intricate music look easy.

Clairo is currently on tour and has three socal dates: August 11th @ The Constellation Room in Santa Ana, August 14th @ The Roxy in Los Angeles, and August 18th @ The House of Blues Voodoo Room in San Diego.

Listen to the full EP here:

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  1. rogelio trevino says:

    2 songs on ‘DIARY 001’ (‘Falming Hot Cheetos’ and ‘Get Wit U’) use commercial loops/samples that THEY DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER TO ALTER the pitch, speed, or key. Has anyone even noticed that the music on these tracks is 2-or-3-notes that repeat ad nauseum?. The melody of ‘How (demo)’ is undeniably stolen off a song called She’s So Lovely by Beach House (2015) (see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPolu5Zs0C8). The EP cover is stolen from the poster of a film called Boyhood (2014).
    Clario DOES NOT write his own songs despite, in interviews, wanting to appear as some female empowerment trip. He consistently works with, and probably is also fucking (that is how females become ’empowered’ in the scum-infested entertainment industry), low-level male producer-artists who write these for him and maybe add his name to it (Burns Twins, Rennie L. Harlen, HG Lewis, Cocu, ect.).
    Clario tracks are professionally produced to APPEAR to the unaware as something an 18 or 19-year-old kid could do… so that they can make it appear he is ‘growing’ over time as the calculated steps are put into play at the right times and are presented to the public as being natural (a more polished, commercial image, a more professional band, higher-level producers).
    Thousands of people are under this ONLY BECAUSE OF the marketing money and advertising industry psychology behind. Nothing about it is money. If you like it, you cannot explain why because you are only under the bogus image. You believe it is real.
    Clario music has been playing in thousands of restaraunts and stores across the globe thanx to his dad’s connections.
    Clario’s father is Tim Cottrill, who is with MusicCares (the ‘Grammy Awards’) and has been a high-level executive at Coca-Cola, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Converse and others (though he has been fired for most of all of them).
    Tim or his hired team got Clario’s music on these store/restaraunt playlists a month or two after ‘Pretty Girl’ was out on YouTube. A time when she was a YOUTUBER ONLY and that video had generated only 3 or 4 million SPAM-enhanced views. https://imgur.com/rN55qTm and if he is further advanced, they will give him credit for the entire ‘lo-fi’ scene, of which Clario is only a poser and thief, while the marketing machine that is behind him slowly ‘guides’ all of the polarized attention (the reason he is empowered: followers of him are generating unconscious-attention onto him) into lowbrow degenerate ghetto-ass NEGRO rap music while they present Clario in a more polished (makeup and designer clothing) image and he will act like he is even more money despite being an even bigger piece of shit.
    Clairo has been connected to FADER label (an industry faux label with 6 artists) ‘Haight Brand’ and the rap manager ‘Pat the Manager’ (Chace the Raper’s manager) for 1 year before he ‘signed’ with them and long before ‘Pretty Girl’ was even made… a time when Clario had very few real followers and was presenting himself as ‘indie’/’alternative’ and pretending to pay dues on ‘Soundcloud’ and ‘Bandcamp’ thru collaborating with and covering IMAGE-ONLY hipster artists, who he never mentions anymore and only promotes rap, probably paid to do so or his dad told him they only advances females who look up to and empower negroes by funneling power/attention onto them.
    THINK ABOUT IT! https://www.deviantart.com/rogeliotrevino

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