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new song saturday: can’t be with you

On June 22nd, Val Golds, also known as Ines Lalonde, released her first single “Can’t Be With You” on Spotify. Before announcing, Val teased its release by posting a preview of the song’s music video that has yet to be released. The YumYum Records artist is currently attending college in Los Angeles and pursuing a degree in Recording Arts in addition to making her own music.

As soon as you hit play, “Can’t Be With You” immediately immerses you in a dream-like state, utilizing the effects of a calming beat and airy vocals to echo the surreal design of the single’s album art. Her lyrics about wishing she and a potential significant other “could have been something” make the listener feel reminiscent of a love that never happened. Even in the song’s instrumental moments, the layering of flowy ambient sounds alongside a steady percussive beat creates a romantic feel to match her lyrics of longing. This all culminates in the song’s bridge where only a relaxed bassline accompanies the vocals, leaving you with a final verse to contemplate as the track slowly fades out. All in all, “Can’t Be With You” gives us a taste of what to look forward to on Val’s debut EP coming soon.

Take a listen below:

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