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interview: love you later

Love You Later is an LA based indie dream pop solo project by Lexi Aviles. Since the release of her first single in 2017, Lexi has only grown in fame, released two more singles, and even had the opportunity to travel to Texas to perform at SXSW festival this past March. She is now releasing her first EP, How Many Nights Do You Dance With Tears in Your Eyes, which will consist of 5 songs and is set to release this Friday, July 20. Our team had the opportunity to interview Lexi on music, new releases, love, and inspiration.


When did you know you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I released my first single, ‘Lost In Los Angeles’ simply because I just wanted to finally start putting music out for everyone to hear – specifically music I adored and believed in. And when I started getting good feedback, it really gave me the motivation to try and make this whole music thing a career. It’s still not there yet obviously, and I have a LOT of growing to do but I’m on my way.

What’re your favorite lyrics you’ve ever written and why?

Hmm, that’s a tough one! I’d have to go with ‘Blame it on our circumstances, blame it on all our lack of chances” in my new song ‘Maybe It Wasn’t Love’ because it pretty much describes where I’ve been at with the whole ‘love thing’ the past year or so – I’ve been moving back and forth between California and Nashville and it’s been hard to commit to a relationship because distance sucks and I haven’t felt totally settled or ready for love yet. I always remind myself that everything works out in it’s time though.

How did you choose the name “Love You Later”?

Well first of all, I really love alliterations – I couldn’t tell you why exactly but they just are fun to say. The majority of the songs I write are about love and lack thereof. So I was clear on those two things. I wanted the title to be something that people could ponder and really find their own special meaning to, and that’s when I thought of ‘Love You Later.’

What was it like performing at SXSW this past year?

Definitely one of the best experiences of my music career so far, if not the best. I met so many amazing people that have still continued to inspire me. It’s such a creative environment and I was constantly inspired and blown away by all the talent. Because of SXSW 2018, I get to call some of the artists I have been listening to for quite a while now friends which is so special and mind-blowing. I will cherish SXSW 2018 forever.

Who is your favorite artist you’ve performed with so far?

The WLDLFE – not only because they’re incredibly talented musicians, but also because they’re super genuine guys all around. It’s truly hard to come by dudes like them. Always love playing with em.

What is your favorite album at the moment?

Gone Now‘ by Bleachers. Pure genius and bliss.

What can fans expect from the new EP?

A whole lot of dreamy synth pop – it includes the 3 singles I already have out, as well as 2 new songs which I am very pumped for everyone to hear! I hope people can tangibly feel my emotions through their speakers/headphones and that they’re able to relate/connect with the music on an indescribable level. I hope people dance to it, smile while they’re listening, cry to it, make out to it, scream it at the top of their lungs. It’s pretty obvious the EP is about heartbreak, but the listener doesn’t necessarily have to be heartbroken to listen to it. As long as they’re feeling some sort of genuine emotion, I have done my job as an artist. Yeah it’s sad, but there are glimpses of light in every song, so I really just hope the fans see that and still dance and sing along – that’s why the EP is called ‘How Many Nights Do You Dance With Tears In Your Eyes?’

Can you describe your new EP in one word?


What’s your favorite song off the new EP?

Maybe It Wasn’t Love’ is definitely my favorite – and I think the reason why is because the feelings were so fresh when I wrote it, so it only took me about 30 minutes to write. That’s how it was when I wrote my song ‘Emily’ as well. It feels good when the writing process isn’t forced and the honest emotions just simply flow out.

What is your biggest roadblock you face as an artist?

Comparing myself to other artists in a negative way. I always have to remember that I’m never going to get anywhere by trying to be someone else. Sounds cheesy, but it’s 100% true.

How long have you been making music?

Oh man, ever since I could talk pretty much. I’ve been writing since I was 11 when I got my first instrument, a ukulele. Then became serious about it when I was about 14. I released my first batch of songs when I was 14 but they sucked lol. It was just a little over a year ago that I discovered ‘my sound’ and let me tell you, that felt GOOD.

What is your dream lineup to feature on?

A festival with Fleetwood Mac, Paramore, Bleachers, The Japanese House, Vampire Weekend, Rex Orange County, LANY, Hippo Campus, The 1975 and Halfnoise. Boom. I have chills just thinking about that.

How has living in Southern California helped kickstart your music career?

Just being by the ocean is inspiring enough as it is – I’m always taken back by the perfect weather here. There’s been a lot of people I’ve met here that are always willing to make music, so that’s helped me out a lot too. But there’s definitely some negatives to living here, which usually turns out for the better when I end up writing songs about it, *cough* Lost In Los Angeles *cough*.

If you could start a cover band, what band would you cover? What would you call the band?

I love this question, haha. Easy answer – Fleetwood Mac. Hmm, I think I would call it Meatwood Flac – I don’t really know why, I think just because that’s the first thing that came to my head and I laughed a little bit out loud so I’m going to go with it.

What inspiration did you draw from for the album art of your upcoming EP?

Disco themed prom straight out of 1983. Shimmery, colorful, vintage, dreamy vibes.

Are you planning shows or a tour to promote the new EP?

I just had a show in Southern California this past week that kind of acted as an EP release show since it was exactly a week before the release and in my hometown. I’m moving back to Nashville at the end of the month, and I’m playing a show out there August 24th once I get all settled in – we’ve been planning it for a while now and it’s going to be a great show, I’m super excited! I don’t have any tour plans as of yet, but I would love to be back on the road before or by early 2019. That’s the goal 🙂

Watch out for Love You Later’s new EP How Many Nights Do You Dance With Tears in Your Eyes this Friday, July 20.

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