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The LA-based rock-trio that is DREAMERS dropped their newest EP, Launch, on July 13th. Their latest musical project is made up of four tracks, with “SCREWS” having it’s release earlier in May. As one would expect, that song is the first one of the EP, starting Launch on a high note. The blaring riff that immediately greets listeners sets the tone for the EP with an electric and soaring modern rock sound that carries over into each song. “SCREWS” immediately demonstrates that this EP is going to be more fast-paced than their last album, This Album Does Not Exist. Some impressive drums provided by Jacob Wick and the passionate vocals from lead singer, Nick Wold, accompany those heavy indie rock sounds and all of those aspects make this track so strong.

The next song, “Fake It Til You Make It” is a bit more subdued than “SCREWS.” Here, the memorable bassline from Marc Nelson and the distinct vocals shine, giving it a neater, more rhythmic sound while not sacrificing too much of the electricity, which is clear from the hard-hitting chorus. The penultimate song, “Black and White,” has the slowest and most relaxed introduction out of all the tracks on this album. However, the soft guitar and quick bassline soon give way to a powerful riff and pounding drums that come in during the chorus. Then the gentle strumming and softer vocals start up again. The contrast between the two levels of this song give it that unique sound and a little bit of variety on this EP. It essentially adds another dimension to this set of tracks and it keeps the songs sounding alike while avoiding sounding repetitive, which is key in constructing a great project.

The last song in Launch has to be my personal favorite. The vocals are passionate and melodic, and combine with the distorted riffs to create intensely pleasing harmonies. While the bassline here isn’t as strong or noticable, the blasting drums prevent the song from feeling too cluttered. The song flows so well while attaining a high-energy, and strong rock sound. It’s the perfect track to complete this already fantastic EP. Overall, Launch is an incredible musical project that must be checked out. In my opinion, it is one of the best EP’s to come out this summer and probably this year.

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