show review: tomorrow’s tessellations @ the dA center for the arts, pomona

Written by Molly Tucker

On Sunday, August 12th, in the heart of downtown Pomona, eclectic energy could be felt radiating from The dA Center for the Arts- and no that is not capitalized incorrectly.  The source of this energy, you ask? Well, it was none other than the intimate show put on by Tomorrow’s Tessellations and two guest headliners.

No venue was more appropriate for the night than that of the hub for self-expression and artistic exploration known as The dA Center for the Arts.  After a 21+ age restriction stripped Tomorrow’s Tessellations of their first confirmed venue for the show, The dA generously stepped in to bring the group’s creative aspirations to life.  Not only did they share in the vision and inclusive nature that the band desired for the night, but also allowed the show to be played completely free of charge. This demonstration of The dA Center’s commitment to fostering artistic growth and appreciation created a true sense of comradery and mutual respect between those attending the show and those overseeing the venue.  Guests admired dozens of displays- sculptures, illustrations, interactive paintings, and photographs- as they waited for music to fill the space of perhaps the world’s most appropriate setting.

The night began with the creative talents of Finn Pacheco, who sang his popular single “Rhythm” in the midst of his guitar riddled and vocally lifted set. The crowd swayed with ease to Finn’s effulgent tunes and excitement grew in accordance with each chord played. A revolutionary night was undoubtedly unfolding as Finn was followed by the South Carolina musician- Will Thorne. Traditionally playing with his group, The Rainstoppers, Will shook things up a bit by delivering a solo acoustic performance (with the exception of an improv duet with good friend and Tomorrow’s Tessellations creator/lead man, Valentino Venti).

With two great opening acts under the crowd’s belt, the final notch was etched when Tomorrow’s Tessellations’ introductory interlude played clearly over the speakers surrounding the stage. The room lit up as the 4-piece ensemble seized the stage and went into their latest album’s title track, “Fear and Loathing.” Worlds were rocked, moshes were ignited, meaningful speeches were shared, and hearts were truly broken until they opened up as the group performed a full and diverse set that included some of their most popularized hits, such as “All of the Above” and “Dogma Daze.”

The highlight of the night came within the sentiments of the closing pieces. As the group took the stage for the last time of the night to perform a two part encore, the crowd was launched into the familiar tune of “Fluorescent Adolescent,” a song originally written and released by Arctic Monkeys. The catch? Tomorrow’s Tessellations had never rehearsed the song before! They delivered a beautiful and fun-filled cover of the beloved anthem, followed by an appreciative speech and deliverance of their own original off their debut album, “Let’s Keep the Ball Rolling.” At the end of the night Venti sent off the crowd with the motto that the band ends every show with, “If anyone asks, love is the answer.”

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