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With people moving into school and classes starting up, there’s no better time to assemble the perfect soundtrack for the end of summer season comprised of a blend of beachy tunes and upbeat melodies.  Here are some of my recommendations to help you make the perfect end of summer playlist.

Tipling Rock

Specializing in beach pop and creating a fun atmosphere for their listeners, Boston-based band Tipling Rock has self-produced a set music that is perfect for a Summer soundtrack.  The group has experienced undeniable growth from their 2015 EP, Punch Lines & Good Times, to their latest single “Prima Donna” which was released in June of 2018.  Their experimentation of new sound and instrumental harmonies has allowed songs like “Staring” and “Low Tide Love” to be the Holy Grail of undiscovered gems and limitless musical potential.


With two full albums, one EP, and three singles to their name, HARBOUR has released an array of works to explore.  Heatwave, the band’s 2017 album, features upbeat hits like “Obvious,” “Hell Yeah,” and “Soco.” These three tracks are perfect candidates for an oceanside stroll.  HARBOUR’s 2015 debut album, Harbour, includes more finds with the similar beachside mood.  This 5-member group continues to create new music, such as their newest release “Waiting on the Weekend” which debuted in July, so look out for more good music to be released soon.


Produced from the Texas bedroom of an 18 year old boy named Sloan Struble, Dayglow presents itself as the musical masterpiece of a growing artist and visionary.  With approximately 21,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and only three released singles, the band’s possibilities appear potent.  “Run the World!!!” and “Can I Call You Tonight?” are the power duo for a fusion between indie and beach pop.

Young Mister

For a more laid-back coastal vibe, Young Mister is your guy.  Two complete albums and a new EP on the way, the songwriter is on the track to definitive stardom.  Featured on his 2016 debut album, Young Mister, “Anybody Out There” will have you hooked and hangin’ loose within the first 24 seconds  of the instrumentals before Young Mister himself can even solidify the song as a hit with his vocal talent.

Now that the musical bonfire has been ignited, I encourage you to start discovering, keep listening, and never stop loving.


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