if you like cage the elephant…

Cage the Elephant is an American alternative rock band that currently has four studio albums.  Their third album, Melophobia was released in 2013 and includes some of their most known songs, such as “Come a Little Closer” and “Cigarette Daydreams.”  If you are still listening to those songs and are stuck anxiously awaiting the release of their next album, then this playlist is for you!

  1. Badillac by Together Pangea
  2. Vatos Tristes by Beach Goons
  3. My Mind by Skegss
  4. Gutter Girl by Hot Flash Heat Wave
  5. Trying by FUR
  6. Pills by the Frights
  7. Homely Feeling by Hockey Dad
  8. Orange by Mt. Eddy
  9. Tony T by The High Curbs
  10. Typical by Goodbye Honolulu
  11. Cotton Kid by Vundabar
  12. When You Are Not Around by The Band Ice Cream

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