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socal sounds: the sweats

The Sweats are a pop rock trio from Southern California. With lots of memorable riffs and synths embedded in their music, The Sweats draw influence from bands such as The 1975 and COIN, but also implement sounds inspired by David Bowie and The Police. The band is comprised of vocalist and bassist, Jakob Cruz, guitarist Anthony De La Rosa, and drummer Zach Cardenas.

These self-proclaimed Disneyland enthusiasts formed a band called The Melting Suns in 2015, which included heavier guitar driven music with inspiration from rock and roll bands such as AC/DC and Metallica. However, in late June they introduced their new wave of music under The Sweats. Veering away from the classic rock roots of their former band, The Sweats released their first single “No Time” that is full of upbeat rhythms and funky guitar breaks. After kicking off their debut, the band released two more singles, “Bloom” and “We’ll Be Alright.”

After these releases, there was a lot of anticipation waiting for new music, especially with the new, authentic sound of The Sweats. Late August brought the release of their debut EP “Bittersweet.” A perfect title for the compilation of songs, this EP manufactures heartbreak and denial into catchy songs that will make you want to scream the lyrics while riding shotgun with your best friends.

The first song, “No Time,” describes the stage of denial right after heartbreak, saying there’s no time for love, even though said love-interest has already moved onto someone new. The second track, “Jealous Hearts,” combines a guitar-heavy sound with a sugary-sweet hook similar to that of Young the Giant. Making a case for the inevitable storm of jealousy post-heartbreak, the song emphasizes the inability to communicate proper emotions. The closing song of the EP “Lovesick” is a blast from the past, conveying upbeat, 80s vibes. While the beat will keep you humming along, the lyrics describe the dread and “artificial joy” of the toxicity lingering from the one that got away.

“Bittersweet”  has the recognizable sounds of the 80’s, while using modern pop techniques to make this a cohesive group of songs that will make you want to dance for days. So if you are ever in the LA area, be sure to check and see if The Sweats are playing a gig around the area.

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