new song saturday: ode to youth

Written by Allison Nakamoto

This past week, Tomorrow’s Tessellations, the solo project of musician Tino Venti, released two singles to promote the upcoming album, Cosmic Cowboy Cabaret, which is set to be released October 12.The first single, “Ultraviolet Waterslide,” features Tomorrow’s Tessellations live member and solo-artist Noah Lee, better known by his pseudonym Lentebloom. “Ode to Youth,” the second single, was released this Saturday and can be most simply defined as a self-reflective post-punk song.

“Ode to Youth” begins with atmospheric white noise that sounds like a train in the distance, which is soon interrupted by a power driven guitar and drums. This is soon layered with a smooth synth that seems reminiscent of synth-pop of the 80s and 90s. Instrumentals start to simmer as the vocals begin with the opening lyrics, “Starts with a sudden collapse of the lungs, a variety of times that you’ve spoken in tongues to me.” These lyrics aid in setting the somber and existential tone of the song. Venti claims that this track was chosen to be one of the singles off of their new album because it was the one of the songs he played all of the instruments for, except for the drums which are played by his brother. This is the first time he and his brother have collaborated on a recorded track.

The chorus opens with “The truth is, we are all going through this. And I never knew this would be so fluently softly spoken, although we’re broken. And you left and it made me ask who’s left.” Venti articulates this feeling of stangance in life and the fear of being left behind by your loved ones. The song ends with double layered multi vocals that parallel the emotional and turbulent tone of the lyrics.

“Ode to Youth” brings a fresh sound to the band. While it features the overdrive soaked guitars that is seen on the band’s first self-titled album, it also takes influence from post-punk and new wave musicians. These influences are evident in the clarity of the bass, the droning guitar, and the previously mentioned synth. This single contrasts “Ultraviolet Waterslide”, which has a similar sound to their most recent album Fear and Loathing In Las Flores; both the album and the single are more synth-heavy and ethereal.

Cosmic Cowboy Cabaret is the third studio album released by Tomorrow’s Tessellations in 2018, and will be released on October 12. Venti and his accompanying live band will be performing songs off the new record at a handful of so-cal shows throughout the rest of the year.

10/13 Santa Ana

10/28 Halloween Show, Pomona

11/11 Pomona

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