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album review: landscape

Future Generations is a Brooklyn-based indie fivesome that blends alt-pop and electronic music into one unique and pleasing style. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their latest album, Landscape. The fairly young band released their second full-length album in September, and it has garnered quite a bit of attention, and for good reason. Improving on their first album, which, although impressive, proved to become boring in places, Future Generations gives us a more electrifying album that still maintains a pleasing softness while keeping listeners engaged and interested.

Across this entire album, the beat for each track is smooth and enjoyable. The synths perfectly complement that. Together, they make up the best aspects of this album and help define this band’s sound as a whole. The production is solid and Eddie Gore’s echoing vocals add more depth to the tracks. For some tracks, his vocals are what keep the song from getting too tedious.

For most of the tracks on this album, these aspects come together to create an exciting and enjoyable song, especially on tracks such as “Landscape” and “All the Same.” These two happen to be amongst my favorites of the album. However some songs, such as “I Never Knew I Was Lonely” and “Incomplete,” run too long and seem to suffer from too much filler. While still pleasing, they become stale in comparison to the energy that is present throughout the majority of the album. Nonetheless, each tracks that suffers moments like these are rectified with their energetic choruses, easy-listening synths, or soft yet passionate vocals. These redeeming qualities make it so that every track on the album is enjoyable in one way or another, and keep any song from being solely disappointing.

Although I am being critical, I still think that it is highly impressive that I can find at least some positive qualities in every song on the album– not every alt-pop group can accomplish that. Due to this, this album may be the most pleasing album of the year for me. Landscape is an improvement from the band’s last album due to its increased energy and the electricity on this album which really makes it pop. As the band continues to evolve their sound, I will continue to excitedly await. I advise anyone reading to check this project out because you are bound to find at least one track you will love.

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