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new song saturday: drip

“Drip” was released this week as a collaboration between The Marias and Triathalon, who are currently on a co-headline tour across the country. Both bands’ sounds complement each other perfectly, with The Marias contributing a vintage, psychedelic sound and Triathalon, a funky smooth electronic sound. Although the two groups did not collaborate on the song in person but rather sent ideas over email, the song blends seamlessly to create the groovy masterpiece “Drip”.

The song opens with Maria’s ethereal and flirty voice contrasted with a funky bassline, driving beat and floating synth. The Marias drummer Josh Conway joins in with strong leading vocals as more clean guitar riffs and synth melodies are layered to create a deeper effect. As Triathalon joins the mix, the song slows down and the layers fade until there’s just a beat, some synth, and the harmonies of singer Adam Intrator’s smooth falsetto. The whole sound comes together after they repeat the title of the song.

The lyrics discuss the tough and conflicting parts of love and relationships. The opening verses have a more playful and flirty sound, and the lyrics discuss the conflicting emotions that come from casual relationships. This contrasts with the bridge, which conveys the feeling of wanting commitment and being “tired of sleeping around.” Both aspects of the lyrics come together when all three vocalists join in to sing “don’t think about it, don’t take it personally, something’s got a hold of me, will we make it on the road we’ll see.”

If you’re looking for a flirty, funky love song filled with grooves destined to make you dance, take a listen to “Drip”.

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