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album review: take good care

The Revivalists is an alternative band that was formed in New Orleans, LA. The band is known for blending genres together and although they are primarily considered an alternative band, they have been known to utilize unique instruments and sounds to add depth to their music. Since their launch in 2007, the eight band members have been together, making music that has a sound reminiscent of roots rock n’ roll and bluesy alternative rock.

The band is most famous for their single “Wish I Knew You” that was released in July of 2015. This single reached No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart, and has been featured in various movies and commercials. Since then, the single has been certified platinum by the RIAA. The band’s most recent single, “All My Friends” has also risen to No. 1 on the Adult Alternative radio in recent months.

This single hails from the Revivalists’ fourth studio album, Take Good Care, that was released on November 9th. The band worked with multiple producers for the creation of this album including but not limited to Andrew Dawson, Dave Cobb, and Dave Bassett. By channeling all of these talents, this album is arguably their most diverse.

Some songs, like “Future”, “All My Friends”, “Some People Say”, and “Oh No”, stay true to the band’s bluesy rock style that has been consistent with their previous albums. These songs are coarse yet emotional, and they are almost reminiscent of The Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys. The lyrics are honest and raw, and they easily convey the emotion that the singer is experiencing. These songs allow the listener to connect to and feel the journey that is described and all of the emotions that come with it. The rough rock and roll in these songs is refreshing, and a very good addition to the other selection of songs on the album.

A few of the songs on Take Good Care are more dreamy and seem a bit out of place on the album. “Otherside of Paradise” has interesting lyrics, and the melodies and rhythms add incredible depth to the song. “Next To You” is a spunky song that shows off the relationship between two people. It captures the feelings they have for each other and the dynamic that they have with each other. “You Said It All” is almost a little spooky as it recounts the circumstances of a lost love. The various instruments used in this song also make it seem like it’s a dream within a dream for the listener. “You and I” is one of the songs on the album that truly captures the band’s more traditional style and is most similar to earlier albums. With catchy lyrics, a nice rhythm, and an upbeat song overall, it really is a good song.

“Hate to Love You” is pleading and emotional. It starts off slowly and eventually speeds up as the confessions of the singer are made known. This song is raw and honest, which helps the listener connect. “Got Love” is one of the more unique songs on the album. It is very bluesy and utilizes specific instruments to create upbeat sounds that add to the song as a whole. It is closer to music from the seventies than it is to anything that is made nowadays. The rhythms and sounds created are one of a kind, and also very refreshing compared to a lot of the syncopated music released today.

My favorite song on the album is “Celebration”. This song doesn’t exactly match the style of the rest of the album, but it is one of those feel good songs that makes you want to dance around in the middle of your kitchen and sing along into your wooden spoon microphone. It ‘s upbeat, funny, and honestly puts a smile on my face every. single. time.

Overall, I think this album is very interesting. I enjoy listening to it, and I think the songs are good, but I think the placement of the songs and styles included in each of the songs are a little choppy. It is interesting to analyze the different influences that the various producers had on the album as whole. The album overall seems like it captures a point in someone’s life in which they are conflicted about different things: love, life, and balancing it all while growing into themself. It captures emotions that are identifiable to almost everyone. Although the songs may not seem to go together, I still believe that the album is some of the Revivalists’ best work, making it definitely worth a listen.

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