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COIN is a four-piece indie pop group formed in Nashville, Tennessee. Anyone who considers themselves a fan of indie music has probably listened to at least one of the band’s upbeat and summery songs. In 2017, the band released their second album How Will You Know If You Never Try, which pushed the group to a new level of popularity. In the past few months, the group has released a handful of singles to tease the release of a much anticipated third album. Lead singer Chase Lawrence tweeted about their latest single “Cemetery,” saying that this single “explores a new theme,” which has lead fans to wonder if the group will continue to explore new styles with the upcoming album.

Fans of COIN looking for a similar pop sound can find it in many different indie artists and bands. If you like COIN, try these energetic and summery tunes:

  1. Blackboard.edu by Arlie
  2. Leaving You Behind by Moontower
  3. Role Model by Daysormay
  4. Socks & Sandals by Dutch Criminal Record
  5. Low Tide Love by Tipling Rock
  6. Honest Boy by the Happy Children

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