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new song saturday: habit

Still Woozy, solo project of Oakland based artist Sven Gamsky, released “Habit,” the first single from Lately, his upcoming EP that is set to be released early next year. The single contains the same groovy and beat-heavy sound that fans have found in his other popular songs like “Goodie Bag” and “Cooks,” while still bringing fresh elements that would intrigue even his most dedicated fans.

“Habit” starts with a slow guitar riff before opening up to a body-moving bassline and bouncy beats. Gamsky’s smooth vocals contrast the deeper bass notes as he sings “I could let you have it / you could be my habit.” Something about the music itself gives off a shapeless and free-flowing feeling, which comes from the almost disconnectedness of each aspect of the music. Each layer of the track seems to be moving independently while still coming together to create one cohesive sound. This independence is seen the most in the playful synth and electronic details scattered throughout the consistent beat and bassline. Each little breakdown during the verses add variation to the music before dropping back into the original theme, bringing you back to dance again.

Although Gamsky himself has not yet commented on the meaning behind the lyrics, they could be interpreted as a man professing his love for a woman who is seemingly uninterested, or out of his league. When Gamsky sings “Every time that she looked at me / You know I felt weak to my knees,” it is clear that the he is enamored with this woman who is seemingly oblivious to his feelings for her. The song ends with the lyrics “I could be yours if you want it / Please, please tell me,” which demonstrates his desire to give his all to her.

Still Woozy has announced a handful tour dates for 2019, including a show in San Diego on February 4th. Keep your eyes peeled for more dates being added, and hopefully a Los Angeles show!

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