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new song saturday: offshoot

Released yesterday, “Offshoot” by Spendtime Palace is the third single released in anticipation for their upcoming album All Inclusive Romantic Getaway. Preceded by the dreamier “Blackout Control” and “Ms. Tenaja,” “Offshoot” is arguably the most heavily rock-influenced single so far. Fans have been anticipating the new album since the release of their debut album Playdate in 2017, which includes the popular track “Sonora” and received a lot of attention due to the music video starring Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard.

The track begins with a steady guitar and cymbals before breaking into the first verse. The guitar solos riddled throughout the song- played over the distortion and clashing cymbals- make clear the influence of 70s classic rock and blues. However, the track combines these classic influences with the band’s signature surf rock sound. The consistent beat is guaranteed to get toes tapping and heads nodding.

Lyrically, the words mirror the deep and daring sound of the music, challenging the listener to feel something and to take chances, asking “who’ve you got to hurt if you never feel a thing?” They also speak of the lack of regret in coming home to “a minefield of hate and worry that you’ll never stop.” To me, the message of the song is that it’s better to feel something than to go through life avoiding challenges and conflict. It calls attention to the people who barely make any effort through the day “so you’ll hardly think at all,” people who go through life never experiencing what it’s like to be human and have emotions in the hopes of never getting hurt. However, getting hurt is part of life and is what makes it so special.

Spendtime Palace just announced a co-headline tour with Ceramic Animal, including a show at the Roxy on March 10th. You can also read our recent interview with the band here. Keep an eye out for All Inclusive Romantic Getaway, releasing later this month!

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