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socal sounds: suede silver

Have you ever walked down the candy aisle at your local grocery store and not been able to decide what to get? You’re torn between sour, sweet, chocolatey, and savory as colorful wrappers grab at your uncertainty from the shelves.  Then you find it: the perfect blend of everything good in this world. Except it’s not candy at all; it’s actually the self-made musical powerhouse Suede Silver.

The solo act writes, records, produces, and mixes all of his own music to satisfy whatever stylistic appetite has gripped him.  Songs like “Spooky Chills” and “Strawberry Soft Rock” have the smooth chocolate rhythm of undiscovered indie genius with the crunch of a good rock n’ roll song while “Summer Queen” and “PCH” capsulate electronic excellence within spunky melodies, like your favorite sour gummy candy.  Was I hungry when I wrote this article? Take a guess. No matter the answer, Suede Silver’s music is as delicious as it sounds.

The young musician has masterfully utilized his Los Angeles residency as a gateway into the artistry of entertainment.  The Pepperdine graduate has not only explored and influenced the world of music, but photography, videography, surfing, tattooing, and everything in between.  His art, both melodically and methodically, can be discovered through his website.  The home page of his website even offers you the opportunity to get in touch with him through an easy-to-use contact option for serious inquiries or to “just say hey.” 

He is currently in the works of producing and releasing a short album, suggesting to his fans that the title will be “Manic Drive”.  The progression of his latest projects can be seen via his Instagram where his “music” story highlights which include piano riffs, drum rolls, and jam sessions to attest to his authentic, homemade talent.  The eclectic artist is looking at a high probability of success in his endeavors, as he continues to grasp the attention of onlookers like the colorful candy packages that just can’t be resisted. Go ahead, take a bite. It’ll be hard to curb a craving for Suede Silver.

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