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socal sounds: fin’s mellow company

A Santa Barbara native, Andrew Tyler is the mastermind behind Fin’s Mellow Company, his solo recording project. First releasing music on public platforms in 2016, Tyler’s music can be described as a psychedelic “surf waltz.” Both of Fin’s Mellow Company’s albums, Oceano (2016) and Sequoia (2018) were self-recorded and self-produced by Tyler. Specializing in instrumental breakdowns, Fin’s Mellow Company consistently emits music that makes the listener think. The music has layers and so many different tones; every time you listen to a song, you’ll find another quirky melody or bass line. Tyler constantly takes risks in his music, and does not necessarily have a mold or specified genre for Fin’s Mellow Company.

Oceano, FMC’s first publicly released album, is full of groovy tunes that make the listener feel like they’re in a trance. It is easy to hear the various inspirations and genres Tyler is pulling from, yet he makes the album feel like a cohesive conglomeration of tunes. A personal favorite, “Tipsy at the Beach,” draws inspiration from Sublime as a reggae track, while “Dance for Me,” one of FMC’s most popular songs, has memorable bass lines with some sneaky bongos in the backtrack.

Fin’s Mellow Company recently released Sequoia at the end of last year. This album heavily emphasizes the instrumental breakdowns Tyler specializes in creating. Two singles were teased before official release of the album. “How to Tell You,” simply put, has jammin’ guitar. It is a song that makes you sway and vibe during the chorus, but then the tempo picks up with interesting riffs, making the listener want to dance and jump around. The second single, “Relax With Me,” contains guitar patterns that are blissfully complemented with heavier, upbeat drums. The “Interlude” track varies away from the traditional guitar riffs, and Tyler plays around with synthesizers.

Although Fin’s Mellow Company may not be a household name yet, what makes Tyler’s music interesting is his consistency and ability to take risks with his music. No song sounds the same. Tyler takes so many risks when producing his music. He has the ability to successfully blend components of alternative, rock, ska, reggae, and bedroom pop to make songs that captivate the listener. If you’re ever in California near Santa Barbara, check out the local hotspots to see if Fin’s Mellow Company is playing a gig nearby.

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