opinion: osvaldo’s bedroom pop picks

Success in music has always been difficult, but at any moment, your neighbor or even the cashier at Walmart can be a viral star. The Soundcloud rapper phenomenon has shown us that with persistence and quality, one can be heard by millions without the need of expensive studio equipment. Bedroom pop has taken the indie music industry by a storm, the “lo-fi” dreamy sounds and genuine subtle vocals have caught the attention of many. In big cities like San Diego and Los Angeles, it isn’t easy to stick out, but there are a few whom I believe made a name for themselves in this exploding music genre.


San Diego artist, Temporex, might not be the most familiar name for the casual indie fan, but he has made a name for himself in the shadows of Bandcamp and Youtube wracking up millions of streams. His luscious jazzy synths are something that really make Temporex stand out from many other artists. He is someone that is not afraid to take initiative in creating a strong compelling song by taking unique noises and making them feel just right. Temporex has only been making music for a few years under this name, but is already touring outside of the US and looking to give a little bit of something to all the bedroom pop lovers.

Steve Lacy

Bedroom pop artist, Steve Lacy, has become a contributor and influencer for other big name acts like Kendrick Lamar and The Internet. The Compton artist has experimented and associated himself with all forms of music, making sure to leave his mark in bedroom pop with his collection of songs. In my opinion, he made his best music using just his iPhone, encompassing his status as a bedroom pop artist. Before bedroom pop was an acclaimed genre, Steve Lacy made sure to stand by as one of its contributors.

Bane’s World

Long Beach’s very own Bane’s World has taken the indie music scene by storm. He has slowly been rising in popularity, becoming an iconic artist in many secret indiehead playlists. His 2018 tour with Inner Wave has displayed just how huge he has become for bedroom pop fans all around the country. Not one to tour very much, or to be a flashy artist, Bane’s World has earned the respect and admiration from the very people that are influenced by him and who aspire to have a place in the indie scene just like he has. I know that many people, including myself, are eagerly waiting to see what his next big move is.

Michael Seyer

The legend himself, Michael Seyer, from Gardena, California, this past year has only been getting the recognition he so finally deserves. A man with a whim of melody and raw soulful singing, he has proved another California bedroom pop giant. Michael Seyer shares the same fuzzy slow pop instrumentals as many, but he glistens them with his echoing heartbreaking vocals that win the hearts of many, myself included. Dropping Bad Bonez early last year, Michael Seyer takes a big step in portraying his status as a bedroom pop artist.


Last but not least, everyone’s favorite chicanx artist, Cuco. The Hawthorne artist has taken the industry by a storm. Not only has Cuco been the face of bedroom pop in California, but he has become an icon in his millions of streams converting many casual listens to now bedroom pop fans. Cuco is one of the biggest indie stars in the world, and is only climbing. We’re all so eager to hear his new album, from bedroom pop fans, to casual fans.

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