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if you like glass animals…

Glass Animals is a four-piece indie electronic group hailing from Oxford, England. Known for their unique mix of psychedelic, rock, and electronic style, the band has released two albums so far and toured internationally. The release of the single “Gooey” in 2014 saw the band gaining momentum on the indie scene before the release of their debut album Zaba in the same year. Featuring songs like “Pools” and “Black Mambo,” Zaba combined the mysterious sounds of the jungle with beats and grooves – creating a sound completely unique and different from the classic indie rock that was popular at the time. The band kept pushing limits with their sophomore album How to Be a Human Being, which departed from the eerie sounds of nature and adopted a more electronic, 8-bit sound. If you’re craving more funky beats and vibey electronic tunes, check out these songs:

  1. Goodie Bag by Still Woozy
  2. Lil Thing by Knox Fortune
  3. Pantyhose by TV Girl
  4. Loud(y) by Lewis Del Mar
  5. Yung Love by Inner State 81
  6. Coffee by Sylvan Esso
  7. Yemma by Coast Modern
  8. Altar by Sir Sly
  9. Something for your M.I.N.D. by Superorganism
  10. Nothing in Return by Monsune

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