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new song saturday: fallout

Mixing delicate vocals, memorable bass lines, and addressing serious topics of modernity, Jon Haggerty’s latest release “Fallout” effortlessly combines good music and advocacy. Haggerty takes an interesting approach to music, focusing on integrating people, creating a supportive community, and spreading mental health awareness, an important issue he pungently addresses. His approach to discuss this through song is portrayed through his lyrics discussing unity and change.

With a catchy hook, the song’s initial melodic undertake gradually transitions to raspier vocals and drumming overtaking the bass. The acoustic background of the track allows Haggerty’s lyrics to shine. The song effortlessly combines soft acoustic guitar and synths with the body-moving groove of the bass and the beat. There is an ethereal quality to the music that pairs well with Haggerty’s bright vocals and the depth of the riffs beneath.

He integrates his songwriting ability with his passion for change, and “Fallout” is a reflection on the things that make us human and the problems we face in our daily lives. The Fullerton native focuses on the current turmoil in the world, writing how people’s personal passions and closed-minded thought could lead to this potential fallout. “I feel much disgust seeing inequality be the downfall to our world. The past years have been a rough road of change that needs to happen. Fallout revolves around the daily struggles in our modern day society as we strive towards a brighter and better future. If we all banded together as a people it would be beautiful to see the advancements that we as a human race could make. One day we will wake up and be friends.”

The rhythmic components of the single generate a thought-provoking overall vibe of the song. Haggerty’s effortless vocal caliber combined with his lyrical ability has sparked the attention of many people, making him worth keeping on your radar. Make sure to keep a keen eye on him and his next releases, and if you’re in the Orange County or Los Angeles area, see if Jon Haggerty is playing a show somewhere near.

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