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if you like the neighbourhood…

Famous for their hit song “Sweater Weather,” The Neighbourhood has been making waves as one of the most popular alternative bands of the 2010s. Formed in Newbury Park, the band combines a classic indie rock sound with influences from hip-hop, r&b, and rap to create a more mysterious sound. Frontman Jesse Rutherford has also been releasing solo music over the past three years, most recently including an album entitled Garageb& a.k.a. Garageband. The group has released three albums and a mixtape since 2013, with their third album Hard To Imagine the Neighbourhood Ever Changing released just last year. It might seem hard to find music that mirrors the laid back yet dark California sound, so we made a playlist of tunes for fans of the Neighbourhood who are looking for more:

  1. Shame by King Shelter
  2. Uncomfortable by Wallows
  3. not a fan by ROLE MODEL
  4. Drift by Choker
  5. Green Eyes by Wavves
  6. Cry for Me by Hunny
  7. Jane by Roy Blair

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