socal sounds: ariel view

Ariel View is a four piece all female surf rock group that hails from Ontario, California. Lead singer Harmonie and bassist Heaven have been spearheading the band since before their debut self-titled album in 2015. The album features their well-known track “Egyptian Robe” and fan-favorite “How Much Longer (Should I Wait).”  The latter track has embedding guitar and echoing vocals that leaves the listener lost in their own thoughts.

The band produces a conglomeration of different sounds in their self-titled debut, ranging from bouncing grooves inspired by a more surf rock genre to acoustic stripped tracks that generate a more pop punk foundation inspired by artists such as Joyce Manor. In 2016, the band welcomed a new drummer, Nadine, into the mix and the band continued to play in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether it was numerous house shows or small venues, these musicians continue to show pure perseverance and passion for their band, music, and the community they are surrounded and supported by.

2017 was the year Ariel View began to fully blossom. With the addition of rhythm guitarist Miranda, Ariel View released the single “Fake Friends” followed by their second album Leo. “Fake Friends” combines surf punk guitar vibes with rhymically defined drums that would ignite any crowd. With a heavy instrumental breakdown headed by edgy bass lines, it is normal for the pit to go absolutely insane whenever Ariel View is on stage. The band was climbing to new heights, playing shows almost every weekend, being part of communal shows for Vertigo Volumes and displaying their talents at festivals such as Stoked on Her, Bizfest II, and Viva! Pomona. If you went to The Smell in 2017 and heard a kickass girl group, there’s a good chance it was Ariel View.

From playing festivals such as Dirty Penni Fest and gigs with bands such as The Red Pears, Vundabar, Beach Goons, and The High Curbs, there’s no question why Ariel View is a band everyone should know about. These four artists work nonstop and do so much to bring representation to female rock and the queer community. They have a packed summer in California, so be sure to snag some tickets and listen to their groovy vocals and rhythms that will make you want to let your guard down and dance to their tunes forever. Their next show is this Sunday, May 26th at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana.

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