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if you like the 1975…

Following the release of their latest album A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, British icons The 1975 have been riding a wave of popularity with performances at Coachella and two sold out shows at the Roxy in Los Angeles. The group has been praised as one of the best and most innovative bands of our generation, led by creative genius Matty Healy.

From the success of their debut radio single “Chocolate” to their ever growing popularity three albums later, it is clear that The 1975 is destined to become one of the most well known bands of today. The group is known for their experimentation with pop, alternative rock, and electronic genres, with crisp guitar riffs in combination with heavy synthesizers and poppy beats.

Many bands are finding inspiration in The 1975’s musictheir influence on the direction of alternative music is clear. That being said, check out these 1975-esque tunes:

  1. Deep Rest by Fashion Jackson
  2. Lovesick by The Sweats
  3. Balcony by Moontower
  4. tokyo by joan
  5. Addicted by The Night Cafe
  6. Kiss Me, Kill Me by La Bouquet

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