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On May 24th, Pink $ock had his first headlining show at The Echo, Echo Park’s booming venue.

The show featured local performers Hott Mt and Belly Belt, as well as Emmett Kai on tour from New York. The show brought fans of each of the bands, but at the end of the night, the whole crowd was dancing under the disco balls with Pink $ock.

The first artist of the night, Belly Belt sang along to soft, techno tunes and interacted with objects and a virtual background. She sat at a small table, played with cigarettes, and looked out a fake window while singing about a lost love. Similar to Belly Belt’s dynamic performance, Hott Mt brought onstage a third member of the band; a hologram of a robot keyboard player. Emmett Kai brought more rock and grunge to the stage, but ended his performance with a slow love song and a group hug from The Echo’s crowd.

Long awaited from a break, Pink $ock and his backing band brought back the sensual sounds and flirtation to the Echo. During the hiatus, Mr. $ock has been releasing short promo videos to this shows titled “Drink Talk,” where he prepares cocktails and specialty drinks in a silk robe. Known for his playful stage presence and sexual humor, Pink $ock did not disappoint by handing out roses to women in the audience and making drinks on stage.

Pink $ock started alone on the stage and opened with one of his more popular songs “Drunk Sex” where he encouraged the crowd to sing along and finished off the tune by taking off his robe and tossing it into the crowd. Bringing his band on stage, his performance called for two keyboardists, two guitar players, a drummer, and a bongo player. Taking to the stage, they played other favorites such as “Westside Girl,” “Feminist Cowboy,” and “One of Kind,” where he bent into the crowd and gave lucky girls a plastic red rose. Throughout the show, shorts created by the artist played on the screen, showing topless women playing volleyball and holographic dancers. At the end of Pink $ock’s performance, he invited the crowd to dance on stage with him to his hit “Who is She?”

Pink $ock’s first solo show was definitely memorable and speaking to him after the show he assured me this is one of many, not before leaving me with a wink.

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