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Formed at CalArts, collective easy creates experimental pop, complete with floating harmonies and toe tapping beats. The collective formed as community of musicians who wanted to create a place for themselves to share their love of music as well as their love for humanity as a whole. The group describes themselves as a community and a vision and “revere the classics and demand radical transformation.” The seven members of easy, consisting of Gabe Stout, Andy Jimenez, Sam Broido, Joey Briggs, Molly Pease, Anand Darsie, and Jaron Crespi, currently live together in a compound called Hello Forever in Topanga.

Their knowledge of the music can be seen in their debut single “I Want To Marry You,” which draws influence from bands like The Beach Boys and the doo-wop style. However, the beats underneath the tight harmonies prove that easy does not want to follow tradition and are willing to experiment and put their own twist on a classic sound.

The group has an even shorter single “Hello Forever,” which seems to act as a theme song for their community. This track demonstrates just how experimental and creative the group can be – the whole song being played backwards. The voice repeats “Hello forever, I’m in love” backwards until at the end of the song it is spoken forward again. The song is eclectic and almost haunting.

easy just played a show at the Factory in DTLA opening for Standards and recently went on a west coast tour to support the psych rock band Blac Rabbit in April. Hopefully they will be releasing more tunes soon. Keep up to date by following them on Instagram.

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