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new song saturday: something you can’t run from

Orange County three piece Psychic Barber released their latest single “Something You Can’t Run From” on May 31st. This is the first single following the release of their debut album Nothing Personal in February. The group aims to break away from the sound of their local scene and not to conform to what is around them.

The content of the lyrics combined with the nostalgic sound of the music itself is enough to give you the chills. It is clear that this song came from somewhere deep inside and is very personal to the band.

The song begins with a dreamy riff before flowing into a steady beat behind singer Eli Spotts’ soulful vocals. The lyrics allude to the idea of the title – something you can’t run from. The majority of the lyrics focus on coming to terms with the feelings you have for someone, apparently a lost love. The beginning of the song starts telling a story of a relationship lost, “talking all night and sleeping all day, it didn’t take much to take it all away.” The next verse shows the singer realizing how he thought he was strong enough to push his feelings aside, but losing this person in his life has shown him that he isn’t capable of running from his emotions.

The whole song is a slow buildup to after the bridge, when the beat suddenly shifts to a smoother, more surf inspired rhythm before the guitar solo. After the climax of the song, he sings “there’s so many ways to say ‘I love you,’ but in my life only one will do.” The song slowly builds again before he realizes that “getting over her will take more than time.” Sometimes the something you can’t run from is someone you can’t run from.

Catch Psychic Barber playing the Fox Rooftop in Pomona on June 22nd and keep your eye out for more new music.

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