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artist feature: the misters

The Misters are a Brooklyn-based four-piece with a unique blend of dream pop and classic, glistening indie. Their sound carries the lighter, upbeat sounds from indie artists like Hippo Campus and Walk The Moon but adds their own flair with definitive grooves and influences from 70s glam rock. The band has been praised by Impose and has been a featured artist on Sofar Sounds.

“Make It Better” has amassed over 200,000 streams on Spotify with bouncy and light guitar riffs and a strong bass line. Another single from 2018, “Echoes,” opens with a mysterious sounding cello before leading into a smooth beat and bouncy yet soulful guitar riff. Singer Michael Nitting’s deep and confident, yet soft, vocals provide the perfect contrast to the bright sound of the guitar.

This year the band has released two singles, “Melt” and “Goodie Bag.” “Goodie Bag” is their latest release and currently sits as their most popular song on Spotify, already earning over 55,000 streams. With a mellow groove and ethereal sounds, “Goodie Bag” seems to be a combination of all the sounds from the first three singles wrapped up into the perfect song, which I’ll admit I have had on repeat since I first heard it. The song makes you feel like you’re floating without keeping you from moving to the beat.

If I could describe The Misters in one word, it would be dreamy. Although their music has changed a bit throughout the years, that dreamlike feeling you get when listening to their music never seems to go away. This versatility is what makes The Misters special. They are able to create this feeling no matter what kind of song they feel like making.

Take a listen to below:

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