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new song saturday: makeup

“Makeup” is a new moody tune from alternative rock band Cheridomingo. The song was released yesterday along with a music video—which premiered early on Billboard Thursday.

In this song, Makeup can be a metaphor for loneliness—by waking up with it still on, you’re waking up lonely as you always do. The somber guitar and isolated vocals that begin the song give a sense of detachment before breaking into a driving beat. 

The song builds slowly both vocally and instrumentally until the chorus, with distorted guitar riffs and clashing cymbals as the song peaks with vocalist Anthony Avina screaming the chorus: “Why is it always so quiet? Why am I always so tired?” The raw emotion in Avina’s vocals is what make Cheridomingo so specialyou can feel the passion and the pain behind every word. 

The music video, directed by Madie Ramser and Sam Cranis, is a commentary on the loneliness of a crowded room, with Avina exploring the city while wearing sad clown makeup.

The contrast of Avina’s face paint with his surroundings of bustling crowds at the fair and at one point, a bright pink colored candy shop bring this feeling of isolation to light. Not even meeting up with this bandmates at the end of the video can wash his “makeup” away.

The band’s premiere on Billboard and their recent show at the Troubadour prove that great things are in store for Cheridomingo. Their deep emotion shines through in every song, making their music very special to everyone who has the chance to listen.

Watch the music video for “Makeup” here:

Listen here:

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