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artist feature: the backseat lovers

Salt Lake City’s The Backseat Lovers make what can only be described as feel good indie music. The band officially began recording together in early 2018releasing their first single “Out of Tune” that May. They spent the rest of the year releasing singles and their EP Elevator Days leading up to their early 2019 release When We Were Friends, featuring their most popular songs “Kilby Girl” and “Maple Syrup.” 

Their debut album When We Were Friends is the perfect blend of an indie rock sound combined with soulful acoustic undertones. Every song on the album displays the band’s songwriting ability, with each track telling a different story full of emotionboth in the lyrics and the music itself. Lead singer Josh Harmon shows off his dynamic vocals throughout the album, singing soft melodies and wailing choruses.

The band’s overall sound draws influences from indie and folk genres. The folk influence shines through the bubbly acoustic melodies and soft vocal harmonies contrasted by the driving beat with shimmering cymbals from drummer Juice Welch, the classic indie guitar riffs from lead guitarist Jonas Swanson, and dynamic bass lines from bassist KJ Ward. The Backseat Lovers perfectly encapsulate what one would imagine life would be like in a small town in Utah and bring such a nostalgic feeling to their music.

The Backseat Lovers will be releasing a new single on September 25th to kick off their recently announced West Coast tour, with three stops in Southern California. They will be playing in Los Angeles on October 11th, Pomona on October 12th, and San Diego on October 13th. Be sure to catch them while they’re here and say hey to us at their Pomona show!

Take a listen below:

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