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new song saturday: dream daze

San Diego’s Buddha Trixie just released their new single “Dream Daze” on September 8th. “Dream Daze” was a welcome surprise to fans who allowed the band’s sadistic humor to trick them into thinking another single, “Stay,” was going to be released instead. 

The song begins with a wavy guitar riff and melodic vocals before bringing in a slow and steady drum beat that gets you swaying to the rhythm. It then fades into isolated vocals paired with a bright guitar for a moment before it immediately becomes contrasted by strong bass notes and an intricate guitar riff breakdownshowing off how dynamic the band truly is. The style of the song takes a turn after this point, with growling but steady guitar reminiscent of 90s alt rock bands like Weezer but with a bit more flair. The song picks up a more grunge sound throughout the rest of the track until the end when the funky breakdown from the beginning closes out the song.

Singer Daniel Cole has such strong and clear vocals, making the lyrics easy to follow. With angsty laments about wanting to be left alone sometimes, “Dream Daze” is about dealing with complicated people in life. He asks repeatedly “do you feel it in the back of your mind?”looking for reassurance that he is not alone in his feelings. This realization seems to come from finally being independent and living life out in the real world.

Buddha Trixie will be releasing a music video for “Dream Daze” in the near future and has been teasing its release on social media. Their live performance is incredible, so be sure to catch them at upcoming shows around SoCal and maybe you’ll hear “Dream Daze” live!

Listen below:

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