This past summer, the rising surf rock band Surf Curse promised a long-awaited full length album to their fans. The last album had dropped in 2017, and the “surfers” needed more. 

As a tease, Surf Curse slowly released singles throughout the summer leading up to their newest 2019 album, Heaven Surrounds You. The first song to drop and their current number one song on Spotify, is the upbeat and danceable “Disco.” The song also came with a music video featuring singer Nick Rattigan, in a colorful and whimsical dance number directed and shot by Stumble On Tapes.

At a Danger Collective Label show this summer, Surf Curse played “Disco” for the very first time and the crowd went wild, singing every lyric to the new tune. With a heartfelt message to their fans, the band called for a short hiatus until the release. Nevertheless “Disco,” an automatic hit, set the tone for the rest of the album and what was yet to come. We couldn’t wait.

After “Disco” played its tune, Surf Curse released “Midnight Cowboy” and a video that put the spotlight on the Curse’s other half, Jacob Rubeck. They then hosted a film screening series with promises of sneak peeks to the new album. Attending a film and sitting with the boys of Surf Curse, we watched the movies that inspired the songs of their new album. After showing a French artistic film entitled The Hour of the Wolf, they played the music video and new, melodic track “Hour of the Wolf.” 

On September 13, Surf Curse released the full album for their fans. The album features tunes that compliment each other and keep the spirit of Surf Curse alive. Songs like “Labyrinth” and “Midnight Cowboy” sound like the classic Curse we know and love, while “Trust” and “Hour of the Wolf,” bring a new sophisticated sound to their band. Their new material begins to show us another side of Surf Curse, where the music has transcended indie surf rock vibes and matured into something dreamy and romantic. There is something so captivating and nostalgic that leads you from “Map to the Stars” to the final track, “Jamie.” Listening to the full album for the first time, I look over to my brother, his eyes watering, on the brink of tears.

This album has exceeded the expectations of fans and once you listen, heaven will surround you.

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