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socal sounds: the haunts

“Minimum members, maximum sound.” That’s the logic behind the LA trio, The Haunts. Their fusion of garage and surf rock captivate listeners with a raw, authentic sound. Releasing their debut self-titled EP in July, The Haunts give an old-fashioned flair to modern elements of music. Their track “Proverbs” portrays the easy-gong vibes of surf rock that highlight the guitar riffs of Aaron Brotman, solidified with a catchy chorus of numerous “Whoos” to sing along to. Some evident influences in not only this track, but the rest of the EP include The Strokes, The Buttertones, and Surf Curse. 

“Loose Lips” combines more frantic guitar and the rapid, rhythmic drums of Alanna Swadlow with the smooth, mellow vocals provided by lead singer, Max Collier, in each verse. The chorus bursts with energy with the main hook, “Loose lips sink ships,” merging rock and roll vocals backed with an electric synth. The song “Kids in the Street” is a special one; it creates the essence of a community that lasts more than its runtime. The lyrics stress that community can be made up of anyone, in any scenario “with whoever they want.” The song has a breakdown consisting of soft “Ooohs” and heavy, distinct guitar. 

My personal favorite song, “Feign Desire,” fuses surf rock guitar and traditional sounding drums, resembling something out of the 1950’s. It’s one of those songs that you snap along to and just thoroughly enjoy. The song explains a longing to be with someone in any type of way– they just want to be in their presence, not necessarily have a specific label to it. The Haunts have a busy October full of shows, but be sure to come check them out at our collaboration show with Cosmic Bloom Booking, Phantom Fest!

Listen below:

Photo by Allyssa Cornier

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