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ep review: suitin’ up

San Francisco based band Tino Drima released their highly anticipated second EP Suitin’ Up this month. The two year gap in between the release of the album Her Kind of Man left fans hungry for more. The release of the first single off the EP, ‘The Actress,’ got fans more excited than ever to see what the “doo-wop rock” band would release next . 

As with past music, Tino Drima brings listeners back to a different time – Suitin’ Up has more of a 70s feel. The first song of the EP, ‘Lover,’ starts with a slow psychedelic guitar riff that transports you into a dreamy love-filled state. Lead singer Gregory DiMartino’s high pitch twang comes through over the guitar, singing about waiting on love. The pace shifts with the next few songs, getting back to the groovy beats we’re used to from Tino Drima. ‘The Actress’ is the main climax of this stellar EP, it’s one of those songs that’s slow to grow on you but once it does you’ll be singing it in your head non-stop. It’s a quirky song about pursuing fame, the very “jitterbug”-inspired beat that is referenced in the lyrics make you want to just get up and dance. 

The mood of the EP shifts for the last two songs, ‘Doctor’ and ‘Kind of Strange’. They’re more moody and somber but still have that vintage feel. ‘Doctor’ keeps the same dance beat through a piano riff. These songs are still about love but bring the pacing back down to where ‘Lover’ was. Keeping those same beautiful dreamy tones, this last part of the EP really makes you feel some type of way.

The production on this EP is much cleaner than what we’ve heard in the past from Tino Drima. It’s a testament to how the band is growing. If you’ve seen the band live recently they’ve been playing music that still hasn’t been released yet, so who knows-maybe there’s even more coming in the future.

Listen below:

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