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artist feature: sleepy gonzales

There are few bands that sound like they wrote music about your inner thoughts. It’s quiet, makes you feel understood and, in many ways, is comforting. It’s music that’ll take you right back to a certain place or feeling. It’s a weird sensation that I’m trying to describe, and I probably sound insane if you’ve never had that feeling before. One of those bands is Sleepy Gonzales

Hailing from Vancouver, this five piece band started releasing music in 2018 and have been pumping out music ever since. They deliver the perfect combination of indie rock and bedroom pop consistently across their discography. “Sleepy” really is the best way to describe their music, almost reminiscent of songs like “Seaweed” by Hockey Dad. Everything feels slightly far away when you’re listening to it, like gentle background music as you’re going about your day, or falling into sleep.

Their latest EP mellowtrauma sounds like it’s being played in a tiny bedroom with just the lead singers playing for you. It’s so quiet and soothing to listen to. Lead singer Ally Lowry’s voice carries over the soft melodies and take you into her headspace dealing with, as the EP implies, some mellow traumas. The duet “Sleepwalking” is a song that really took me by surprise. It tells such a good story that everyone has felt in a way. It fits right in with the rest of the EP’s haunting vocals and airy soundscape. 

Check them out November 30th in Pomona with a killer lineup of Cosmic Kitten, Portamento and Witchin Alleys. They’ll also be playing in Los Angeles on December 1st at Harvard & Stone with The Breeze with Flo and Melt Mars. Don’t miss them while they’re here!

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