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new song saturday: this one’s for you

With only one year as a band under their belt, Stripes from Tucson, Arizona is already exploding into the scene as a classic dose of dynamic teenage dread. Their debut album 520, released earlier this year, helped to define the fresh faces of Stripes as versatile voices for the highs and lows of modern teenage existentialism. The album energetically opened up space for the band to make their mark as a group with great potential in the upcoming years of the diy scene. Their latest release with SoCal’s famous Burger Records solidifies that potential. The single “This One’s For You” is a danceable, catchy anthem for those one sided relationships everyone gets stuck in.

The release of the single is paired with the bands very first music video. They use this opportunity to introduce themselves to new fans, starting the music video out with the playful identification of each member of the band and their “special skills.” The video is self-made and depicts the band causing chaos in an empty parking structure while giving moments to some green screen debauchery. They’re just having fun with it and embracing all the exciting parts of being in a new band. Their developing sound and style remains unpolished in the most positive terms. Carefree and raw, the band is representative of the diy scene at its finest and most genuine.

“This One’s For You” is an upbeat, high energy song with just the right amount of angst and reverb for it to be the perfect garage-pop powerhouse track. A bright tone on rhythm guitar gives it a surfy edge, not to mention the ripping guitar riff that picks up during the chorus. Paired with the drums kicking in, the chorus is an unwavering recipe for a rowdy mosh during live performances. Lead vocalist Izzy provides a catchy and melodic chorus you’ll be whistling for weeks. The chorus and simplicity of the lyrics sound like those of the early Frights and similar bands – where a lot of their most fun songs are written for the crowd to be able to sing back to the band. 

Catch one of these moments and see Stripes in Southern California, playing their new track “This One’s For You” at their upcoming shows in San Diego on 12/27 and at Burger Records in Fullerton on 12/30. 

Watch the music video for “This One’s For You here:

Listen to their new track here:

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