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socal sounds: your favorite color

Huntington Beach is home to many indie rock bands, but none are quite like Your Favorite Color. The band consists of four members, with vocalist Matt Warren, bassist Ari Miranda, guitarist David Silveria, and keyboardist Nicky Neighbors. The four bandmates create the perfect blend of classic indie rock and dreamy electronic pop. Their diverse influences mixed with their iconic red jumpsuits and energetic live show make them truly unforgettable.

In 2018, Your Favorite Color released their first EP Heartache, which is full of slower ballads like “Their Way” and “If There’s Anything” intermingled with danceable tracks like the title track “Heartache” and “Listening.” The band has released a total of five songs in 2019, including their most recent release “Gone,” which shows off the group’s punk influences with distorted guitar riffs and an upbeat rhythm perfect for moshing to. The b-side of the single is an acoustic track “A Clinging Man,” which shows off Matt Warren’s clear and dynamic vocals.

Their live shows are best described as high-energy and electrifying. Their live sound is so full and polished that you can’t help but get the chills at least once during their set. Your Favorite Color makes music that begs to be experienced, not just played softly in the background. When the band is playing on stage, you are fully immersed into their music and performance.

Don’t miss Your Favorite Color at the Garden Amphitheater on Saturday, January 4th and keep an eye out for more shows coming soon in 2020. Listen below:

Photo by Guadalupe Bustos

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