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new song saturday: always on my mind

If you could imagine a perfect blend of booming garage rock tones, along with a fresh take on 90s skate-punk aesthetics and a rock n’ roll attitude that allows the group to completely roar on stage, then you’re in luck because The High Curbs are just that. 

The High Curbs from Chino have released their new single “Always On My Mind” in mid-December, which came as a surprise for fans since the release of their EP Tommy in 2018 was the last to hit music platforms. The group has always been consistent with playing shows around Southern California—not to mention a three-year streak on the Tropicalia Festival lineup.

The track starts off with an eerie guitar lick and woeful vocals which foreshadows how the track will be. It then quickly takes you to the melody, with the vocalist repeating, “When I told you that I loved you, you shook it off.” The style of this song is very simple and classic, with the use of only vocals, guitar, and a hushed-down bass line. Even with the simplicity of it all, it creates a complex sound that absolutely has you wanting more from the short two-minute track. 

From the somber tone and lyrics of the song, you can already grasp that it will be a rough ballad for someone who is experiencing heartache or a tear-jerking breakup. Something the audience can relate to in one way or another is the feeling of being let down. The song comes to a halted end as the guitar crescendos into the last drops of the melody as they sing, “I never want to let you go, you’re always on my mind.” Once the lyrics repeat a few times, it comes to a fast stop and the guitar gives one last howl. 

With the track “Always On My Mind,” The High Curbs made it clear that this is a different take from their usual high-paced grunge-rock sound and created a more post-punk ballad. The group defines what it means to make it from a small town scene to becoming one of the key staples in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles DIY community. From someone who’s seen them grow from small backyard shows in areas like Pomona to bigger venues throughout Los Angeles, it has been an absolute honor to witness and I’m eager to see what the band brings us in their new album Happy Daps, coming this year.

You can catch The High Curbs at their upcoming show on January 26th with Death Lens, Sad Park, and Super Lunch at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles.

Listen to “Always on My Mind” here:

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