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new song saturday: fever

Michigan lo-fi artist Connor McPherson’s project Pistol Gang just released his latest single “Fever” on Wednesday. Newly signed to Zap World Records, Pistol Gang’s latest single is a mellow acoustic-based trackall written, performed, and recorded by McPherson alone. 

Compared to his other popular songs like “Melatonin Home” and “Sonny,” “Fever” is much more somber in tone, lacking the more upbeat quality of his previous work. The song seems simple at first, but as you hear the song again you can hear the precise details that make it so beautiful. The solemn acoustic guitar pairs perfectly with McPherson’s soft yet emotional harmonies to create the perfect song to listen to when you’re feeling everything at once.

There is something nostalgic about “Fever.” Everything about the song almost makes you feel reminiscent of something you’ve never experienced. It’s one of those songs that belongs in a movie soundtrackplayed right at the emotional peak of the storyline. There is also a sense of despair with the chorus, even though the music seems to brighten up as he sings the words I can’t see this going over any other way than the worst one. For fans of early Bon Iver and artists like (Sandy) Alex G, “Fever” by Pistol Gang might just be your new favorite song.

Listen to “Fever” here:

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