Northern California’s punk powerhouse Destroy Boys has charged into the new year absolutely kicking ass with the release of their brand new single “Fences.” This is the first new material the band has put out since 2018, resulting in quite a highly anticipated release. The past year served as an avenue for major growth as Destroy Boys participated in five tour lineups and countless additional performances. The maturity achieved in their stage presence throughout the past year is evident in “Fences,” as the song begs to exist outside of headphones. In short, Destroy Boys has an enormous sound to deliver and this track expands beyond the space that was created in 2018 by the appropriately named album Make Room.

The band’s lyrical content and sound speaks loudly to their audience. They draw in a diverse fanbase of young punks and echo themes of the underground as they’ve established themselves as voices for outcasts and minorities. As a result, their songs hold an air of defiance, questioning, and independence to which “Fences” is not excluded. The track seems to surround the repercussions and internal processing that occurs after escaping an unhealthy relationship. The lyrics suggest a narrator who was silenced but is now letting everything bubble up, not quite sure what to do with the emotions they had been suppressing.

The song begins with a lone and gritty guitar riff as singer, Alexia Roditis, introduces haunting vocals in the first verse. The chugging of the drums and spike in volume between the delivery of each line builds for a satisfying release of tension following Alexia’s scream of frustration that leads into the chorus. Each verse ends with a similar exclamation giving the track a great structure that makes audience participation feel natural and encouraged. This is typical from the band as they feed off of lively crowds. They tend to lean towards a formula of songwriting that provides a phenomenal hook and memorable chorus that is perfect for people to sing along to and anticipate. As further encouragement to sing this track at the top of your lungs, “Fences” was released with an accompanying lyric video, animated by Olive Lagace.

As of now, Destroy Boys has a Spring 2020 tour lined up, where they can be seen supporting Vundabar in three different SoCal locations: Los Angeles (4/2), San Diego (4/3), and Santa Ana (4/4). Be sure to catch them on the road as they are certainly a band to keep an eye on during this phase of extensive growth. I promise they will knock your socks off.

Listen to “Fences” here:

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