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new song saturday: were you right?

Los Angeles’ Jewel Tones is switching it up with the release of their new single “Were You Right?” Jewel Tones is known for combining electronic tones with indie rock sounds. Compared to previous songs like “Blissful” and “Form” that feature more electronic elements and faster tempos, “Were You Right?” offers a somewhat stripped, mellow feel. 

As the song begins, the picking of the acoustic guitar and soft vocals foretell that something beautiful is about to take place. Warped tones are added here and there, aligning perfectly with each lyric. It isn’t long until the song unfolds into a rich ambient soundscape. Layered strings and synths build upon each other as the drum beats on. 

Listeners may catch themselves on a journey to their deepest thoughts and questions or lost in the peaceful movement of the track. 

Before Jewel Tones was Jewel Tones, it was Jacob Millar creating house and techno music in his bedroom. While Millar went on to have success as a DJ in the techno world, he ultimately felt limited in his ability to create. Eventually, Millar met Max Green (bass and backup vocals), Jerik Centeno (guitar), and Ross Hodgkinson (drums). The four were able to develop Jewel Tones and grow their sound, mixing production techniques from electronic music with a classic band format. Soon music began to flow.

Jewel Tones has become heavily involved in the DIY scene. They have recently collaborated with Make Out Music to produce their own show, Canvas. Canvas allows for artists of all kinds to come together under one roof, giving them a platform to perform and create in an environment where the artists control everything. Canvas will be taking place for the second time on February 1st at Chewing Foil in Los Angeles.

Jewel Tones is continually driven to write music from pure emotion and feel that they want to create music that resonates with small indie rock venues. They are working on developing their visual pallet and plan to release a new single every month.

Listen to “Were You Right?” below:

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