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show review + gallery: blivet bash

review by Priscilla Hernandez and Donna Borges


Kicking off the month of February, the band Blivet threw Blivet Bash at the Observatory in Santa Ana. This bash featured 21 of our favorite bands from Southern California. With artists like Buddha Trixie, Shock Therapy, and The High Curbs, this all ages punk festival was a steal for only $10.

Doors opened at 3 p.m. and started with bands Junkmail and Downriver. Junkmail played an energetic set on the main stage, the crowd already forming a circle pit though the night had barely begun. The main stage then saw performances by Your Favorite Color, Buddha Trixie, and Psychic Barberfan favorites in the local scene.

Not From England played the main stage shortly after. The young Los Angeles-based band is slowly but surely making a name for themselves in the Southern California scene. Although the band was a late addition to the lineup, they played to a full pit of fans.

Meanwhile, local indie rock favorites Lacker played the Constellation Room stage. After Lacker came the electronic punk band Big Fun from Los Angeles. Both Lacker and Big Fun’s sets were some of the most lively and exciting sets of the whole show, with no dull spots in either performance.

Another highlight of the night was seeing the synth punk band, Shock Therapy. This new wave punk ensemble pays homage to the 80s songs of bands like Dead Kennedys and Agent Orange. Stirring up the crowd of the Observatory, the fast paced songs got the audience moshing and stage diving. Even the singer Jack Kellems dived into the crowd. Singing one of their most popular songs “Planet Pink,” the singer began to gag. Continuing to play, Shock Therapy’s front man started to vomit on stage during their set. The crowd cheered louder, the audience stage dived and the band played on. I would expect nothing less from a punk show. 

After their rowdy set, things slowed down for Long Beach’s Skin Magreturning to the stage after a short break to work on new music. The band played some new songs that upheld the same dreamy feel as their past work. Emily TV followed with a fun performance before the stars of the show, Blivet, took the stage. 

Blivet delivered one of the best sets of the night, as expected from “Blivet Bash.” The crowd flocked to the main stage to see the band responsible for such an amazing show. Lead singer and guitarist Nick Alfonso closed the set in the most badass way possiblesmashing his guitar into pieces before walking off stage.

At the end of the night, the Blivet brought out The High Curbs and their special guest, Dumb Fucks. In the Observatory’s smaller room, Dumb Fucks commanded the crowd and led a brutal mosh pit, that everyone had to jump into. As a surprise, the band threw free merch into the crowd and jumped into the pit alongside their fans. 

Blivet Bash was a night to remember, one full of blood, sweat, and more than enough vomit. The flow of energy remained high throughout the night and each set had something exciting to offer the crowd. The show was completely sold out, hopefully encouraging Blivet to begin plans to throw the show annually.


Blivet by Allyssa Cornier


Big Fun by Juliana Strbac


Skin Mag by Allyssa Cornier


Lacker by Juliana Strbac


Your Favorite Color by Allyssa Cornier


Shock Therapy by Juliana Strbac


Psychic Barber by Allyssa Cornier

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