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new song saturday: measuring

The Los Angeles experimental trio Sabrina Is Not In This Chat delivers us a fresh dose of gritty yet seamless garage-punk all while staying true to their distinctive look, which all  comes together with their new track “Measuring.”

Sabrina Is Not In This Chat has been soaring to the top as one of the most promising groups within the Los Angeles DIY experimental scene in the short four years since the group’s formation. The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Olivia DeBonis, drummer Siena LaMere, and Maddie Calderon on bass.       

From getting their start within the Los Angeles music community with their first few shows at The Smell, to playing East Coast and Southern California tours, and landing a slot the past few years at Dirty Penni Fest held at The Echoplex by Penniback Records, these ladies are now full-grown with their sound and are ready to shake things up – hard enough to kick you out of the chat.  

The track “Measuring” kicks off with a swift guitar chord progression that carries the tune all the way through. The lyrics softly squeeze in with “I don’t do math but I do measuring, because I think the outcome is going to mean something,” as it repeats for the first few bars. Throughout, there is a whining tension between the experimental touches and jammy meditations on bass. The lightly swinging percussion helps root the track into a completely balanced wreck that makes you think that by the time it all comes to a halt at the end of the song, “what is this really all about?” There’s something about the chorus that makes you feel as if there’s absolutely no need to overthink it, especially when the entirety of the track somehow manages to gracefully flow together, even through the chaos. 

Sabrina Is Not In This Chat currently have their newest tracking “Measuring” along with “Clifford Street” streaming on Bandcamp. Their two new tracks are set for release on all music platforms coming this month. Be on the lookout for new releases and show dates for this year as Sabrina gets ready to take over. 

You can listen to “Measuring” here: 

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