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new song saturday: the process / lonely

Chastity Belt and Loose Tooth teamed up to start the year off right with the release of their joint singles project “The Process / Lonely.” Oftentimes in joint projects it’s clear who did each song, but these two blend beautifully and flow together so well by radiating the same punk-rock vibe. I was familiar with some of Chastity Belt’s other music like  “Cool Slut” and “Different Not” but I hadn’t heard of Loose Tooth before this release. From what I’ve heard from “Lonely,” Loose Tooth’s contribution to the single, I’m excited to delve deeper into their discography.

The first song of the single, “The Process,” gives listeners the riot grrrl edge that Chastity Belt is known for. The beginning instrumentals are reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s musicit’s very bass heavy and focuses on layering different chords together to create one big chaotic sound. The vocals are also reminiscent of another 90s favorite, The Breeders. Lead singer Julia Shapiro’s voice carries over the deep instrumental sounds and haunts the listener while she sings about lying to a therapist because it’s part of the process. If you love girl rock, this song is right up your alley. 

Loose Tooth’s contribution, “Lonely,” continues that 90s trend but the chords become lighter and more upbeat. There is more harmonization of different vocals in this track that call back to more of a vintage feel. It’s a much slower song, which is a nice turn around from Chastity Belt’s darker and more retrospective track. These singles are a great way to get into both of these groups, especially if you enjoy raw 90s-inspired music. 

Listen Below:

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